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Bookblog is a program which runs under a web server (such as Apache) and allows individuals to write up their reviews for a book in a form which is easily accessible, and appears to other browsers as a web log to which they can add their comments. A central aggregation service summarizes book reviews across individuals, and provides overall ratings for them in the form of a rating profile.

For an example of Bookblog in action, you can see the software author's own blog at The official aggregation server is at

If you would like to write your own bookblog for the books you have read, then, for the time being, the only option is to download a source tarball of the software and follow the instructions in the INSTALL file contained therein. You will also need to have access to a web server, which you will need to configure properly in order to use the software effectively.


Bookblog is released under the GNU general public license, version 2. This roughly means that you may obtain all the source code for the program, and are free to do whatever you want with it. Just bear in mind that you are obliged to propagate the GNU license onto any changes or derived works you produce.


The current version of bookblog is 1.1.0. This is the second stable version after a single previous beta release, and though its functionality count is low at the moment (but already bloating ;-)), it is complete and at production quality.

Tarballs for the versions released to date can be obtained by clicking on the version numbers below.

1.1.0 2005-01-01 Added:
  • Central aggregation service.
1.0.0 2004-04-11 Added:
  • Histogram of a reviewer's rating history on the main review listings page
  • Rating confidence intervals
0.99.1 2004-03-24 First public release. Should be production quality, but we'll see...


If you are in need of help or advice on using bookblog, then there is a general purpose mailing list which users can subscribe to (including the software developers!) To view the messages which have previously been posted to this list, and to subscribe yourself, and to post your own queries, suggestions, etc, you should go to the bookblog-users list maintainence page.

If you believe you have found a bug in the software, then you should use the bookblog-bugs mailing list instead of the one above. You do not need to subscribe to this, simply send an e-mail message to

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